Are smallholder farmers able to weather the COVID-19 storm?

Are smallholder farmers able to weather the COVID-19 storm

May, 2020

Certainly, farmers are paying a huge price for the COVID crisis! A lot has changed, and, in quick successions for the smallholder farmers in the past few months. Unfortunately, these farmers have limited capabilities to rapidly make adjustments to adapt to these changes.

With the COVID containment measures; farmers already face challenges accessing markets to sell their produce or buy critical inputs; prices have crushed for food stuffs in villages yet the towns struggle with higher food prices – due to logistical problems.

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Bobo Eco Farm

Bobo Eco Farm is a demonstration farm located in Mityana, Uganda that develops innovative solutions to support smallholder famers to overcome shocks due to climate change, and enable them increase production efficiency & incomes without compromising environmental health.

Bobo Eco Farm is a leading proponent of ‘eco-smart’ farming, and a major player in supporting the livelihoods of the surrounding communities.

Our Mission

To develop and disseminate innovative solutions that increase climate change resilience as well as agricultural intensification among smallholder farmers.

Our Vision

We envision empowered, resilient and thriving farmer communities that exhibit responsible stewardship of the environment and contributing to national development.


Our Core Values

  • Collaboration: We work in partnership with farmers and organizations that share our vision and commitment to nurture thriving farmer communities.
  • Passion: Our heart goes into our work.
  • Courage: We face challenges with confidence and determination.

Our Objectives

  • To develop, package, and disseminate innovative solutions aimed to intensify agricultural production.
  • To develop, pilot and disseminate scalable climate-smart agricultural technologies and practices to enhance climate change adaptation among smallholder farmers.
  • To advance research and education in agriculture through partnerships with universities & research institutions; and.
  • To demonstrate a model of agricultural production that increases production efficiency & incomes without compromising environmental health.

Community Services

bobo_eco_children-harvesting-carrotsBobo Eco Farm promotes ‘Eco-smart’ farming among surrounding communities. The farm currently partners with MAMAH to support food and nutrition security specifically targeting mothers, children under five years, and People Living with HIV/AIDS. These are the most vulnerable groups in our communities at great risk of losing life due to hunger and malnutrition related causes.

Bobo Eco Farm managers and workers are proud ‘smart farmers’ who actively promote farming both for food and as a business. Read More


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Community services